Buy 20000 Instagram followers

Whether you are a small business or a blogger, you need to make an online presence and credibility but with so many competitors out there, it is easier said than done. Even if you have a thoughtful strategy for growing your Instagram followers, it can take a lot of time to increase your visibility. In the social media circle, it has now become a common practice to buy Instagram followers cheap. You will be surprised to know that even brands like Pepsi and Nike have been buying Instagram followers to increase their numbers.

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TikTok is launching a series of online safety videos in its app

On the heels of news that TikTok has reached one billion downloads, the corporate these days is launching a new initiative designed to help inform users concerning online safety, TikTok’s various privacy settings and other controls they can use inside its app, and more. Rather than dumping this data in an in-app FAQ or help documentation, the corporate will release a series of video tutorials that are meant to be engaging and fun, in order to better resemble the other content on TikTok itself.

The safety series, called “You’re in control,” will star TikTok users and make use of popular memes, in-app editing tricks and other effects, just like other TikTok videos do. The videos will appear within the app and be available through the new @tiktoktips account.
The videos will target a range of privacy, safety and well-being settings and other safety-related policies. This includes TikTok’s Community guidelines, how in-app reporting works, plus different settings for protecting your privacy, the way to control comments, settings to manage your screen time and more.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa is officially the most followed K-pop artist on Instagram

It’s been a very good month for the BLACKPINK girls due to the release of their record-breaking Kill This Love music video, followed by THAT epic Coachella performance.

And currently band member Lisa has another reason to celebrate because she is officially the foremost followed K-pop artist on Instagram.
The group’s beloved main dancer currently has 17.4 million followers, which means she’s simply snatched the crown from EXO’s Chanyeol.

The rest of the BLACKPINK girls also have a large following on their solo accounts, with all of them making into the list of the top 10 most followed K-pop acts on the ‘gram.

Jennie has 15.1 million fans, whereas Rosé has 13.2 million. Jisoo comes just behind her with 12.7 million followers.

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The newest craze on TikTok is people revealing ‘cursed’ images they draw themselves

TikTok has a community obsessed with ‘cursed’ images. Not like the rest of the net, TikTok’s cursed images are sometimes disturbing illustrations instead of eerie photos.

While TikTok has a name as having one of the more wholesome communities on the internet, it isn’t safe from cursed images.
It’s hard to explain what a cursed image (or cursed image) is. At their most cursed, they’re creepy photos with strange, perhaps paranormal content and ominous lighting and colors that inspire dread. In other cases, they merely give off an uneasy vibe.

Cursed images have become a staple on different platforms. They have the identical innate, truncated appeal of a CreepyPasta story or reading the Wikipedia summary for a horror movie. Over the years, accounts like Cursed images on Tumblr, forty one Strange on Twitter, and a dedicated subreddit have popped up to curate cursed images scattered around the net.

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