California gun traffickers used Snapchat to sell prohibited firearms

A 22-year-old man allegedly used Snapchat to promote prohibited firearms from Nevada to potential customers in California’s Bay area — however was caught once one of his ads reached an undercover Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent, in keeping with a report.

In one post on the favored social media site, Anthony Reed is seen tapping a lady on the buttocks with the barrel of a gun with a high-capacity magazine, in step with the UK’s Guardian.

Other shows the Nevada man waving a handgun with a 50-round magazine whereas driving an automobile, the news outlet reported.

The feds said Reed, his roommate Rahsaan Faison and Faison’s brother Julaan bought probably hundreds of semi-automatic handguns in Nevada, which doesn’t need background checks or recordkeeping for private-party sales.

The 3 men smuggled the firearms to Oakland, California, where they hold on them at the homes of a few of friends before Reed marketed them on Snapchat, officials aforesaid.

But one of his ads caught the attention of a secret agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who contacted the suspected traffickers through Snapchat, in step with the Guardian.

From January to November 2018, the agent paid over $30,000 for 35 guns, as well as several Glocks and “assault pistols” with large-capacity magazines that are prohibited in California.

During one deal, the 2 brothers allegedly told the agent: “You place in the order and we will get you whatever you’re searching for.”

Reed “constantly posted videos and photos of firearms to his Snapchat account,” in step with federal prosecutors.

Authorities suspect that the suspects sold well over a hundred firearms within the Bay area, where several of the purchasers had felony conviction records prohibiting them from possessing a gun, the news outlet reported.

Some guns were used to commit armed robberies, assaults and murders. Several of the weapons were never recovered, in step with the report.

“Mr. Reed has been effectively flooding the community with guns over the past few months,” Assistant U.S.A. attorney Samantha Schott told a judge throughout a hearing in December.
Reed signed a sealed plea agreement and Rahsaan Faison pleaded guilty to firearms trafficking.

An ATF rep told the Guardian that the agency couldn’t offer more data regarding the gun-trafficking ring because the investigation was in progress.

Snapchat prohibits advertising firearms; however authorities said the platform has been utilized by many gun traffickers, as well as a person who was arrested last year for allegedly smuggling guns from Georgia to Connecticut, in step with the Guardian.

In a statement to The Post, Snapchat said it’s a violation of its terms of service to use the site for any prohibited activities, as well as shopping for and selling prohibited weapons. The messaging app added that it works closely with law-enforcement authorities around the world.